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  • MXF4mac/P2 flow experiences

  • Jelena Stjepanovic

    February 17, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    I’ve been reading posts about P2 metadata workflow from the last year or so, and I’m interested to hear what is are the current opinions/experiences with mxf4mac/P2 flow. There’s not so many reviews out there, although it sounds like a prefect tool for the organization and information access. What made it so interesting, if I understood it right, is its ability to assign UserNameClips to FCP media and to bypass QTs completely. With tons of footage, backing up nightmares seems to be resolved with this product, no?

    We have two editing stations featuring 10.6.2 and 10.5.8, also thinking about getting FCP server. If P2 Flow doesn’t not work with the snow leopard (is this still true?) can it still access metadata once they have been run on the other stations?

    Thank you,

  • Shane Ross

    February 18, 2010 at 6:28 am

    All I can really say is, I wish I could use it MORE. I beta tested it…and then used it to import footage for a small project, single station so all native MXF import. Great to a) be able to edit the metadata of the footage, add stuff, change things and b) import ALL OF THE METADATA to FCP. As Log and Transfer ignores 95% of the metadata.

    Then there was this one show that we needed the footage to be shared by 4 machines. So I didn’t do native, as we’d need all the machines to have it. Instead, I did all the modifying, if needed, then exported a batch list that I imported into FCP that contained ALL the metadata…and then batch captured (imported) the footage as QT, so that all the machines could access the files.

    This, IMHO, is the best software for working with P2 in FCP ever invented. Raylight is nice and quick, but the metadata is all in the screen shot that is frame 2. And Calibrated is cool, but doesn’t allow for editing of metadata, adding of metadata…or the really slick import options that P2 Flow has.

    I am REALLY jonzing to do another P2 show so I can utilize it again.

    How’s that?


    Read my blog, Little Frog in High Def

  • Jelena Stjepanovic

    February 18, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Hi Shane,
    That is really what I wanted to hear, hopefully it’ll cut a lot of time dealing with nonsensical data and end my archiving nightmares. I’ve just requested a demo license from them and will do some tests too. Also found this overview from Helmut Kobler:
    MXF4mac P2 Flow

    Did you use P2CMS at any stage?

    Thank you for your help,

  • Arthur Aldrich

    February 19, 2010 at 10:45 am

    I am a fan of Raylight, but purchased P2FLow last year to test alternate workflows.

    P2FLow places the metadata into the clips, raylight puts the metadata into the clip name and on a slate on frame 2 as Shane stated.

    For me, Raylight has one feature that P2Flow does not, and that is the ability to generate folders based on the Program metadata field. I use this for multicam shoots to organize my shots. Saves tons of time.

    P2CMS is the tool I use to repair any metadata that got botched in the field. I sometimes use it to copy one or two clips between P2 cards.


    Art Aldrich
    Leader, NJFCPUG

  • Marcus van Bavel

    April 7, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    Hey Art

    Raylight for Mac 3 has been released. It puts metadata in the FCP bin and is customizable. It also does AVC-Intra now, still has the folder creation feature, and some other things. Also $150 vs $500 (?) for MXF4MAC for those who’ve not purchased yet.

    Short but amusing intro:

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