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  • MXF files out of sync when imported to Premiere or Transcoded with Media Encoder

  • Efe Ese

    November 3, 2014 at 9:55 am

    I have a large number of files that were copied from a Canon C300 CF card to a hard drive and the file structure and some of the index files were lost.
    I have all the MXF files. They play well on VLC but when I import them into Premiere or try to transcode them to Apple ProRess with encoder (or later with any other preset) the sound waveforms go progressively out of sync and finish earlier than the images (they are complete but shorter).
    I tried Handbreak but although it interprets the sound files correctly, it mixes both channels into one. These were recorded from different lab mics and are needed separately.
    Any suggestions why Media Encoder or premiere are interpreting the sound files time incorrectly?
    Any ideas on how to import correctly to Premiere or transcode correctly without losing sound channels and image quality?
    Thank you.

  • Jane Kong

    November 27, 2014 at 6:17 am

    OK, did you try the Canon MXF plug in? This is free and it was developed by Canon itself. And for detailed workflow, here is a blog I found for you
    As I saw in your description that you recorded your videos with mic, and there are more than one audio tracks in your video. If you use Handbrake that may mess all your audio together. If this Canon MXF plug in didn’t work, then try to find yourself a third-party converter app, which has the function to seperate your audio trakcs. Here I suggest you mxf multimixer. You can just google it . It has the output format as “Multi-track video’, you can keep all or choose some of your audio channels as you want. Good luck with that !

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