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  • Multicam Issues on FCP7

    Posted by Michael Brown on December 3, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    Hi folks, I have vague hopes that somebody out there might still respond to an old FCP7 question.

    I have a current project that involves up to 9 video tracks. I had a similar one about five years ago that worked perfectly well in multicam. Now I’m having issues with playback and editing multicam. The only thing that has changed is my OS which is now Sierra 10.12.6 (vs. 10.10 previously) that I upgraded to since to my knowledge that was the latest possible OS that would work with FCP7. I succeeded in creating a multi clip with footage from different kinds of cameras, and synced them up, using in-points (referring to slates due to lack of synced TC). But for reasons that I fail to understand, it’s not behaving properly. I can open up the multicam from the browser, and it shows up in the viewer, but when I play it back with all the necessary options turned on it does not play back in real time on the canvas (revealing the chosen edit). Also, as soon as I change try to angles in the viewer, the playback stops. To make matters worse, if I open a new sequence, and I drop the multicam clip into the sequence, it requires rendering, so I can’t play it back from the timeline. I can double click the clip from the timeline, and it opens in the viewer, but I can only play it back in the viewer button. I checked and triple checked all the options that are supposed to be turned on, (RT settings, pop-up menus and sequence settings) and now I’m stuck. Besides, the OS, nothing else has changed in my system. Creating the multi clip works fine, choosing in points works fine, the clips are in sync. Is this an issue that has to do with the operating system?

    I would be grateful if there were someone out there who might understand what’s going on.

    Best to all of you! Regards from Michael in Hamburg.

    Michael Brown replied 4 months, 1 week ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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