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  • MS Visual Code vs Adobe ExtendScript IDE environment?

  • ANthony Honciano

    December 1, 2021 at 10:05 pm

    So I’m just starting out with ExtendScript to hopefully build tools for myself and team. I’m on Big Sur OS X, but noticed that Adobe ExtendScript cannot run, due to it being 32bit, and Adobe doesn’t have anything for it except a Microsoft VisualCode plugin.

    I’ve already gotten some other plugins working like Types-For-Adobe, but the issue I’m really experiencing as I’m dabbing with the code is that when running across bugs, there are times where AE will just simply crash before I see the syntax errors and I’ll have to wait to pull up AE again.

    There are also times where AE will crash a few more times, to a point the code is no longer responsive where I’ll need to either log in/out of my OS account and start up the IDE and AE, or even do a full on reboot where I’ll finally see the syntax errors and just hope things will work.

    Should I just bootcamp my mac, run Windows and install the legacy ExtendScript by adobe and code in there? Would the experience be any better, or will I still face the same crash/login-out/reboot behavior? Are there any other IDE platforms that offers a better coding experience?

    Thank you!

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