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  • moving ends with protected I/O regions

  • Andy Engelkemier

    May 14, 2021 at 8:37 pm

    Thanks Adobe, for giving us protected regions. But how the heck do you want us to go about moving them?

    I’ve got a stack of layers with protected regions at the end because there is an in and out animation. Currently they are all there for about 5 seconds. I need to move all 8 of them to a length of 8 seconds now.

    Once you add a protected region, you can no longer use Alt+[/] to set the in/out point. You can use that to trim Within the layer, but you can’t use it to extend.

    It seems the only way to extend is by Carefully dragging the layer with you mouse. Of course, that’s one layer at a time. And I emphasized carefully, because it’s Really easy to accidentally grab the protected region instead of the end point.

    Is there a trick to doing this? Because it is quite frustrating.

    For those that haven’t done it, here’s how you can join in my sorrow:

    Create composition. Create a short little in and out animation. Movement, opacity, whatever.
    Then go to Composition > Responsive Design – Time > Create intro
    Do the same for Create outtro.
    Now create a new longer comp and add the comp with the animation. You should see a couple blue protected regions at this point.

    Play around with how you move the beginning and end, and love the fact that you can now adjust the length without adding time remap, but also become very frustrated at the controls. Like, are snaps disabled now? Because adjusting the timing seems to be pretty finicky.

    Now make things worse by duplicating the layer and dragging them all a bit longer. Now offset them all just a little (sequence layer makes quick work of that). Now make all the endpoints the same. What’s that? You can’t make the end points line up at all? (I’m guessing it has something to do with how it’s handling drop frame)

    If you make protected regions, then send it over to Premiere via a mogrt, the controls there work much better. Well, it was terrible when it was first introduced because it only protected the region like 1/4 of the time, but now it seems to work ok there.

    If anyone knows how to do this, I am all ears.

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