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Activity Forums Adobe After Effects Expressions Movie title opening sequence -inspiration?

  • Dan Forgione

    April 15, 2005 at 7:05 am

    so the letters would randomly fall into place rotating and “floating” like leaves, onto mid screen? then burst into flames? or would they be more or less the complete words readable the entire time?

    would the come staight down? or more like a 3d approach where they would come down and towards the camera (ie from background to foreground)?

    how would you make them explode/ or ignite? and the flames? would you use illustrator letters? or AE text?

    would the title be readable before you explode then? would you hold before the explode, or would they be readable while they were burning and throughout?
    Sorry for the 20 questions

    im really intrigued by this because the concept itself really fits….i wonder of incoporating the idea of a stroke reveal for the heavenly letters over the clouds, maybe like a “write on” approach with trapcodes shine, and then they expload or ignite, like a trail of gasoline, and the letters drop off screen on the bottom, like broken glass? and then have the flames engulf the frame like you said revealing the sunset?

  • Tomsmall

    April 15, 2005 at 7:23 am

    in my mind i had the titles falling as complete words ie “A Film by Dan” swaying to and from which ever way you please. ignition/ transition from blue to red, i would use some stock flame footage that explodes out from the center and explodes big enough to completely cover the title if only for a few frames and in that few frames change the title over to a red solid color or gradient, or even a texture. the title would be readable the entire time its on screen. it would move almost like a leaf but with out the full flips so it keeps it on a readable axis.
    is this a sequence of multiple titles, or its just the main title of the project?
    your idea is such a sick idea, as far as stroke reveal on the clouds thats the easiest part of what you described, the burning like a rtail of gasoline is what gets me, such an amazing idea, i dont know if i know of any stock footage that looks like that. you really got me cornered there. as for the exploding, and falling like broken glass, use some stock footage of explosions for the burst, and a shatter wil work good for the broken glass part. and as far as using trapcode plugins im not really too good with them yet. i just got them like a week ago and havent had time to play.

    Tom Small
    2nd year Film/Video editing major, SVA NYC

  • Dan Forgione

    April 15, 2005 at 7:31 am

    im pretty good with the trapcode plugins….everything else im kinda rough on

    do you have IM? I have some clips of flames and clouds that mite fit the bill, curious to see what you think…. and i can send them to you to check out….if you want email me

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