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  • Motion 4 Render Quality Issue

     Drew Muir updated 10 years, 2 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Drew Muir

    July 24, 2010 at 12:03 am

    Hi all

    I’m posting this here as well as the Motion Formum in the hope that other Broadcast Producers might have had similar issues.

    Recently we upgraded our 4 FCP suites to Final Cut Studio 3 in order to edit using the ProRes 4444 codec to make the most out of the RED camera.

    All but one machine had complete installs (old version removed first with “FCS_Remover”)

    We also produce many ‘Graphics only’ TV commercials and have used motion 3(Final Cut Studio 2) to produce the commercials entirely with great success. We were exporting the completed commercials out of Motion 3 in ProRes 422 HQ. We also exported many other graphical inserts for other projects (TVCs and DVD etc.).

    But now using Motion 4 all of our exported Movies (Full TVCS and short segments) are blurry and appear to be low res. Importing the Motion project into FCP yields an even worse result.

    It seems that when selecting BEST for display and export in Motion 4 everything becomes blurry on-screen and in the exported file.

    On comparison to earlier exports from Motion 3 there is a big difference.

    We monitor using Kona LHe cards via SDI to Panasonic & Sony Broadcast monitors. The files from Motion 4 look very bad on final output.

    I have included two JPEGS. One was exported from Motion 3 and the other from Motion 4 using the same setting. The problem looks slight on computer monitors but once out into the TV monitor world it is very evident.

    These files were made using settings in Motion:
    720 x 576 PAR 1.42 – PAL – Exported to ProRes 422 HQ (ProRess 444 is no different)

    This problem has brought most of our production to a devastating stand still.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know of a fix?
    I’m sure it’s not just our machines… all 4 of them (and l laptop).

    Thanks in advance.

    Sytem MAC Leopard 10.5 Dual 3Gig 4 Core, 8Gig RAM, Internal Software Raid FX4500 Video
    Final Cut studio 3, Shake and Adobe Production Suite CS3

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