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  • More Closed Captioning control?

    Posted by Tom Matthies on May 25, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    I am running Resolve 15b2 and have been futzing with the Sub Title feature. I have an edited 30 sec. spot that I am adding closed captions to. It’s a very simple spot but it has a graphic across the lower part of the screen with phone number, address and web information throughout the spot. I would like to not cover up this information with the closed captioning info if possible. It’s easy to position the captions in Resolve so that they display just above the baked in info on the screen. But once outputted to a finished QT file and played back, the captioning position/typeface info is at the mercy of whatever is playing the file back. Quicktime Player plays it back one way. VLC plays it back in another style. It all depends on how the player preferences are set up. I haven’t run it through our “official” hardware broadcast caption decoder yet, so I don’t know what it does with the file.

    Finally, the question.
    Is there a way to “force” the caption position/typeface/style into the captions while still within Resolve so that the CC info will playback consistently as far as style and position and not depend on what software or hardware is decoding the captions? or is this beyond the simple subtitle ability of Resolve 15 at this point?
    Thanks, Tom

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    Joseph Owens replied 5 years, 10 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Joseph Owens

    May 28, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    [Tom Matthies] “Is there a way to “force” the caption position/typeface/style into the captions “

    Closed Captions 608/708 don’t actrually have a style or typeface, not the Line 21 industry-standard, anyway, which used to be decoded in everybody’s TV set, so no, NO preferences.

    What exists in Resolve15 for the moment are subtitles. Big distinction, at least as far as the FCC is concerned.

    I have been following this for a little while, and the import file of choice is SubRip (.srt) and not even .scc or .mcc.
    Export is resctricted to .srt and .vtt — so NOT broadcast legal, but just fine for streaming. It is embedded as a VANC, so a reasonably sophisticated player, like Switch, should be a good indicator of what is going into the playable media file. QuickTime Player has, and likely will always be, a total disaster — I’ve never seen a consistent playback out of any version, complete with mangled text, improper formatting, positioning, out-of-sync… don’t know how or why Apple thinks its a viable feature.

    Embedding the subtitle track is currently loosely CEA-608 in MXF-OP1A and QT in the Delivery page and cannot be exported via Decklink or UltraStudio (yet).

    This is all in the current manual.

    jPo, CSI

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