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  • Mixing input formats, a lot.

    Posted by Sebastian Fudali on March 19, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    So, new here, etc, etc.

    Vegas Pro 15.

    After years of recording concert audio and footage I finally found some spare time to sit down and edit it down together, weapon of choice is Vegas.

    But, the problem is, I have many different video formats to start with and use within one project:

    1. DV, 720x576i50, from MiniDV camcorder, Digital8 camcorder, S-VHS transffered by DVCAM deck to DV format, plugges straight to PC via FireWire.
    2. HDV, 1440x1080i50 (footage shot in progressive scanning mode, but written on tape as 50i), still figuring out how to transfer files from tape to PC, I assume the FireWire port is fried, will be serviced. I will try to figure out how to capture stream via HDMI to external recorder so as not to be dependant on tape and to capture 1920x1080p25 footage. 60 minute tape is dirt cheap, but 85 minute HDV tape costs an arm and a leg and conerts are usyally longer than 60 minutes.
    3. AVCHD, 1920x1080p25, highest quality setting.
    4. 4:3 4K, 4000x3000p25

    So, a lot of different picture aspect ratios, pixel aspect ratios, scanning modes, etc, so how to bite them?
    Yet all are PAL 25fps.

    My main concern is how to properly adjust project settings, so that for each video track:
    1. correct PAR will be used (1:1, 1:1,3, 1:0926)
    2. correct field order will be used
    3. apply deinterlacing only to interlaced video
    4. properly scale it to desired resolution (I guess 1440×1152 is not an option)

    When I use settings for DV PAL, the DV tracks are fine, the AVCHD track is scaled down and letter-boxed, but when I use HDV 720p25 the DV tracks convert to 1:1 PAR and are narrower, not to mention they stop being deinterlaced.

    I was thinking to go adopt the 16:9 approach, that will add black bars to the sides of DV footage, but preserve the 16:9 parts, while the 4:3 4K footage will be cropped from top and bottom to 16:9 and either rescaled, or cropped further to just part of the picture.

    That last bit bring a bonus question, is there a tool that will be able to calculate an average picture from all video frames, so that I could determine where most of the action takes place and crop the 4000×3000 frame to just 1920×1080?

    Any thoughts folks?

    Sebastian Fudali replied 6 years, 2 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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