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  • Messy RED Post Workflow

  • Andrew Boley

    July 1, 2016 at 7:35 am

    I jumped into RED workflow pretty green and was eager to get started so I wasn’t as precise as I should’ve been.

    I shot with 4K footage

    I used RED Cine X to do slight coloring before sending those as MXFs into Avid.

    Working with avid MC 7 at a 1080p project I AMA’d and transcoded to Dnx220 and cut, deleting the AMA links.

    Everything with the media has been lovely. The process was complicated and I didn’t really understand what the RMD files were but figured I got the clips into AVID so everything must be hunky dory.

    Now I’m at the point where I need to be sending uncompressed 4K media to my colorist and GFX artists so they can work with the 4K footage and am trying to figure out how to actually do this since everything that was spit out of RED Cine a year ago when Post began is scattered/missing.

    I have the original raw footage, so I have some concept of what to do but need advice on the best way to do it or if my way is incorrect:

    Build a 4K project with MC 8.3, Send all the raw footage back through RED CINE, AMA link that footage in the 4k project, copy the CURRENT CUT sequence over to the 4K project, unmount the 1080p media, mount the 4k media and relink? This should be simple because of the metadata and tape name. Once the sequence is up and running I’d export that as an AAF. Now with the AAF do they need all of the 4K footage to link to or is that all with the AAF?

    Am I overthinking this? Is there another way to do it?

  • Michael Phillips

    July 1, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    Assuming that the filenames from the original R3D are in the TAPE column which is how Redcine X Pro works, the process is straightforward.

    1. Create a “pull list”, one for the colorist (everything) and the VFX folks (just clips associated with VFX). I do this by taking the timeline and decomposing with whatever handles you want to have on each event to protect for changes.
    2. Grab all the master clips and drag them to the timeline.
    3. Create EDL (FIle_16) of timeline (V only)
    4. Import into Redcine and it will make a timeline to to the R3D files associated with that project/session.
    5. Export trimmed or entire R3D files as per Redcine X Pro functionality. These will be R3D files.

    When you say uncompressed, that means a pretty specific thing. You can choose to export as DPX from Redcine if you want uncompressed, but they take up a lot more room, so plan accordingly. If exporting other than R3D, make sure you work with your colorist and VFX folks as to what color space and gamma they want.

    For the colorist, you back to your original sequence and export a V only AAF that they will use for the conform. Work with the VFX folks to see what they want to use. You will most likely get a VFX back that you should cut back into the timeline (a new version) and generate the AAF for the colorist with all the VFX in place (and signed off).


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