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  • Meeting the Audio specs for FX…

  • Austin Clarence

    April 20, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    I am delivering a commercial for air on an FX network. Now I am not an audio mixer, so I would appreciate any help I can get on the following…

    “FX/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/SPEED NETWORKS prefers audio to be produced and delivered in 5.1 Digital Surround Sound, prepared for
    AC-3 Surround Sound transmission. Audio may be delivered in several different formats as
    indicated below.

    Audio levels shall be measured using the recommended loudness measurement found in
    ITU R BS 1770 standard, known as LKFS. The loudness is relative to full digital level
    (0dBFS) and represents the subjective loudness of the audio program. The loudness shall be
    measured across all channels (except LFE) using the LKFS technique and averaged across
    the entire segment or clip. The FX/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/SPEED NETWORKS target loudness level is -24 dB ±1 dB.

    Instantaneous true audio peaks shall not exceed -2dbFS (BS.1771), while average peak
    audio levels should not exceed -8dbFS (EBU Tech 3205 or equivalent).

    Audio should be mixed such that the measured average loudness (using LKFS) of the
    LT / RT mix shall be equivalent to the measured average loudness (using LKFS) of the 5.1
    mix, within ±1dB.”

    I am mixing this in soundtrack pro 2.02. And I’m curious…

    – When they say target loudness level, what does that mean exactly? is -24dbs absolute quiet?

    -Any recommendations for where my Dialogue, FX, and music should be – according to these specs?

    -How can I fake a 5.1 mix? Or deliver something that looks like a surround sound mix but may just be some slight panning of the channels…

    Thank you CC mavens!


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