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  • Media Relinking on Shared Storage (Terrablock)

  • JD Marlow

    December 18, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Hi everyone,

    Working on a big doc project with over 6,000 ProRes Proxy files as source material. 3 systems, all connected via Terrablock shared storage.

    We are doing a big media re-organization — moving camera cards into nested shoot folders for over 114 shoots. We’ve done all the painstaking re-linking in Premiere (why we had to re point all 114 folders manually I’ll never understand). But strangely almost every time we open our projects Premiere still seems to be confused about where a few random files are, and we have to manually continue to show it where they live. This is true for folders we have already pointed premiere to.

    Is there a reason why it is so confused about media location? It’s as if the re-linking for random clips just isn’t sticking, and when the project re-opens it continues looking in the old location. It’s totally baffling to me. Is this a bug on 2017.0.1? Is this a product of being on Shared Storage? Do I need to rebuild the media cache on each system?

    Any advice is welcome — I’m totally confounded by how fragile media management is in Adobe Premiere.

    JD Marlow

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