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  • Shahid shahan

    April 27, 2023 at 9:12 am

    Hey taylor,

    No, all are correct. Follow this to export yours in 4K.

    When you’re ready to export, go to File > Output > Export to File. Under the “Format” tab, select the 4K resolution you want to export to, such as UHD or DCI 4K. Under the “Codec” tab, choose a high-quality codec like DNxHR HQX or ProRes 4444. Adjust the other export settings as needed and click “Export.”

    Best regards


  • Boston Cainfra

    May 5, 2023 at 3:00 am


    To create proxies for your 4K footage in Avid Media Composer, you can follow these steps:

    Set your project format to UHD 23.976P as per the cinematographer’s shooting specs.

    Import your 4K footage into Avid Media Composer.

    Right-click on the imported clips in the bin and select “Link” > “Transcode”.

    In the Transcode window, select the resolution you want for your proxies. For example, DNxHR LB 1080p/23.976 is a good choice for 1080p proxies.

    Under “Media Creation”, make sure the “Video” and “Audio” settings match your project format.

    Click “Transcode” to create the proxies.

    Once you’ve finished editing with the proxies, you can export your final product in 4K by selecting “Custom” in the export settings and setting the resolution to 3840×2160. Make sure to also select a high-quality codec like DNxHR HQX or ProRes 4444 to preserve the quality of your footage.

    As for media type, you can leave that as “MXF” or select the format you prefer. MXF is a good choice for Avid Media Composer projects

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