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  • Match temporal keyframes in multiple layers

  • Eric Holzapfel

    October 2, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Hello There,

    Andrew Devis’ tutorials have been helpful. I have a comp with multiple layers.

    I have two paths on one layer. I apply a stroke to these paths.
    On a layer above the layer with the paths (masks) and stroke, I have a small blue ball that
    I want to follow the paths I have created, and move in sync with the stroke.

    I copy the path(s) position info to the blue ball position, but the position of the ball
    does not match the position of the stroke. I would like the stroke and ball to move
    at the same speed and position, like the “ball” is writing the white stroke.

    I am stumped on how to get this to work – I think it has to do with temporal keyframes vs. position keyframes.

    any ideas on this?


    eholz1 (eric)

    Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop

  • ben g unguren

    October 2, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    If it’s a timing problem, then you can select the entire set of keyframes that needs to be adjusted, then hold the opt/alt key and click on the outermost selected keyframe of either side and drag it — this will do an “accordion scale” of all the other selected keyframes. You can change this until it matches up with the other set of keyframes.

    If it’s a position problem, it’s probably a layer-size problem. A relatively painless way to fix this is to create a new solid (I’d make it small, say 50×50 pixels). Put that solid at the exact point where your wrongly positioned layer begins. Then make your wrongly positioned layer the child of the new solid. Now move the solid to where you want the wrongly positioned layer to begin. Now play the animation. They should start at the same location, at least. If they don’t end at the same spot, adjust the scale and rotation of your solid until they do (I’d just match up the ending keyframe, and it should work fine).

    Once that’s all done, you can delete the solid and your wrongly positioned layer will remain a rightly positioned layer.

    Ben Unguren
    Motion Graphics & Editing

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  • Eric Holzapfel

    October 3, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Hello Ben,

    This answer really helps. I have been using AE, but for relatively simple things, like image movement,
    and opacity changes, etc.

    Your tip on keyframing put me on the correct path (ha!!).



    Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop

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