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  • Maintain Gap Between Text Layers, No Matter The Width Of Text

  • Andrew Ross

    January 14, 2022 at 5:25 pm

    Hi guys

    I have a comp with 5 text layers on the X axis.

    I would like these text layers to be positioned 200px apart from each other.

    I’m going to be duplicating this composition numerous times and altering the text using “” but I would like the distance between the layers to remain at 200px no matter how long the word happens to be, whether it’s 3 letters or 20.

    These text layers will be animating along the x-axis from left to right (I’m not sure If this has any bearing on the expression).

    I’ve done some searching on the forums and have found a few expressions that I thought would do the trick, but they always seem to end up with the text overlapping and not keeping the distance between the layers.

    <font face=”inherit”>My knowledge of expressions isn’t that adept to be able to edit them so that’s where I’m probably falling with this one as I imagine it’s a simple task, so apologies if I’m posting something that has already been posted but like </font>I<font face=”inherit”> say, </font>I<font face=”inherit”> can’t get some of the expressions on here to work. </font>

    Thanks in advance

  • Kevin Camp

    January 14, 2022 at 7:21 pm

    Something like this should work, add it to the position property and set the ‘target’ to be the layer that you want it to maintain 200px from.

    target = thisComp.layer("LayerToFollow") ;
    rect = target.sourceRectAtTime() ;
    x = target.position[0] + rect.left + rect.width + 200 ;
    [ x, value[1] ]

    The expression assumes that the text layers are left-justified and none are parented.

    If you animate the furthest left text layer, the text layers with that expression will follow it along the x-axis.

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