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  • Looking for Open Source Video Transcoder

  • Robert Bloyer

    February 13, 2014 at 1:27 am

    Hi All-
    Please bear with me, a newbie at video. I will try to ask my question using the terminology I’ve been reading although it does not mean I know what I’m talking about except that I think it may help ask my question.
    I have an i7 27″ iMac loaded. I have a GoPro and am using the GoPro Studio 2.0 editing software. I also have Photoshop CS6 Extended which I have not used the video portion because it’s too complicated and I want to start learning video editing using a simple format.
    I have a video which I exported from Studio 2.0 in the preset “ARCHIVE” (image size=source, frame rate= source, and encode= GoPro Cineform), quality= high and using .mov.
    I want to upload to You Tube, 1080p HD. There have been many posts on line which ask why are the GoPro uploads to YT of such poor quality? I received a reply to this answer, the export feature of the Studio 2.0 software is very poor quality, the compression to H.264 that is, and it can be better done by eg. “Handbrake”. So, exporting in ARCHIVE saves the file in it’s highest quality in Cineform .mov, but then needs compression before uploading to YT.
    I tried Handbrake but it does not recognize my file, responding: NO VALID SOURCE FOUND. So that’s out.
    If Handbrake did work, I was instructed to do the following in “Handbrake”: “For Youtube, use the following settings: Container Mp4; Video Tab-Codec x264, Framerate same as source, Constant Framerate, Constant quality at 20 RF, and check “Use Advanced Tab”. Then go to the advanced tab and paste the following string under x264 encoder options (w/o quotes): “colormatrix=bt709:keyint=15:bframes=2:ref=2:crf=20:preset=medium” and then encode. Should work as long as Handbrake can use CoreVideo for decoding”.

    Anyone make any suggestions here? Any known open source ware that can compress to H.264 in quality as Handbrake?
    Thanks for any replies…

  • Eric Strand

    February 13, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    Hold on, before you go making yourself crazy, there’s no better method than trial and error yourself. Export a file out of Studio and upload it YouTube, see how it looks. Just because someone else’s looked bad doesn’t mean yours will.


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