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  • Linking plugins to specific Layers

  • graham smith

    August 10, 2021 at 11:36 am

    I’m always working with complex pre comps, see the image for an example where there is a staggered split. I want to use a plugin on an adjustment layer to effect only the purple layers, lets say i’m using glow for example. Instead of adding glow per each layer i’d like to be able to link the glow to start on each layer that is purple.

    I have recently learned that you can’t link expressions to layer labels (colour) group, sadly. Please let me know if this is wrong? So i’m thinking markers maybe with a specific and unique name added to the purple layers might help it act as a trigger?

    Any expression Guru’s out there who can help me please? The aim is to add something very simple and quickly to certain chosen layers and these are all working form a master control expression on a plugin somehow.

    Possibly i will not even need to have the adjustment layer visible on in a top hierarchy order if this can work via expressions only?

    thanks for reading and hope that makes sense


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