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     Micah Wolf updated 6 years, 4 months ago 3 Members · 3 Posts
  • James Dow

    April 23, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    I’ve been packing around an ARRI kit for many years, mostly for interviews. I’m wanting to pick up an LED kit, and will be spending about 3 grand. Is anyone using IKAN products? How do they compare to the ARRI LED products?

    I’ve been shooting with an HVX 200A, but will soon be using a Canon C100 DSLR for most projects.



  • Erik Anschicks

    May 6, 2014 at 4:11 am

    Hi James-

    I haven’t used Ikan lights a great deal, but I have a few times with other people’s kits and they’re certainly not in Arri’s league, LED or not. Color seemed inconsistent and build quality was not the same as a higher-end fixture.

    That being said, I’m not a huge fan of Arri LEDs except the Locaster series thus far, relative to what you pay. The quality of the color and build is top-notch, but I find them all to be somewhat underpowered, especially comparing them to other similarly-priced high end manufacturers who are giving more bang for the buck, like LEDs from Zylight, Dedo and Mole. I like the Locasters best, but for really close lighting and much smaller scales, you’d have to rig multiples together to get a keylight source with a flexible enough amount of punch, IMO.

    What type of Arri kit, meaning how many and what sizes, do you have that you’d like to update? That will give me a better idea of what to recommend, though I’d probably start with some kind of combo of the new Dedolight DLED series. Expensive, but beautiful, and also not as expensive as some of the other types in it’s class.

    You could also try posting in the Lighting Design forum, though the kit subject has been discussed a lot there so I don’t know how willing to help others may be:)

  • Micah Wolf

    May 12, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    Hi Jason,

    I use Ikan LED lights almost everyday, I personally like them. They may feel a little on the cheap side but I really like the product. I use the IB500 3-Piece Light Kit as well as have two on board camera lights from them. I do have a few gripes about some of the design flaws which I spoke to them at NAB about and they have already corrected them. Both problems come from the same issue and that is the power cord. On my cord, and like I said they have corrected this, where the wire attaches to the four pin connector they don’t use a hard plastic to secure it, this causes there to be tension on the four pin connector. They have since started to use higher quality cable that really secures it to the connector well. Secondly the power inverter hangs if you have the light stand raised which added to the tension to the four pin, they now sell NOTE: They now SELL, a bracket that attaches to the AC brick you can strap to your stand so there is no tension on the connector. They obviously know this is an issue with their cabling not being long enough but make you buy it at $20 bucks a pop so for three lights I am almost looking at spending $60 plus shipping to fix their poor design.

    Other then those slight issues I do really like the lights and Ikan costumer are great if you ever need to call and ask them questions or have any concerns on a product.

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