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  • “Key Frame Distance” confusion

  • Sascha Hoffmann

    September 29, 2017 at 3:05 pm


    I googled and read the adobe help sites but I am still confused about key frame distance (KFD) in the media encoder options.

    When I encoded my animation which has relatively quick movements and scenery changes, I noticed some minor stutters in a few instances and I thought changing the KFD might improve the flow of my animation. But the information I gathered seems to contradict the outcome of my video files.

    on adobe help it says:
    “Key Frame Interval [Seconds] or Set Key Frame Distance (Frames): Number of frames after which the codec creates a keyframe when exporting video.”

    and further:
    “If your footage has a lot of scene changes or rapidly moving motion or animation, then the overall image quality may benefit from a lower KFD. A smaller key frame distance corresponds to a larger output file.”

    So I figured that a key frame distance of “1” is the smallest possible distance and “300” the largest distance. But when I encode and export my videofiles, the one with a KFD of “300” is always the largest file (and vice versa KFD1 is the smallest, although adobe help clearly states that a lower KFD will increase the file size)

    Can somebody please help me to understand KFD properly and maybe give an advice how to deal with the KFD for future projects? I am obviously still quite inexperienced.

    My project has 29,97 fps.


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