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  • Just started using Illustrator, having some problems

  • JosephTaylor JosephTaylor

    November 27, 2019 at 9:18 am

    I’ve been using photoshop for more than a decade. Recently started to use illustrator CS6. However, I cannot feel comfortable here in illustrator. Either there is something wrong with my settings or this the way it is. So, I have bunch of questions;

    On photoshop when you change the color of a layer, you simply preview it. You choose a color and color of the object immediately changes accordingly. This is not happening in illustrator. Totally non-sense, this option should be there.

    Likewise, when you are choosing a color, if you move your cursor anywhere, color picker automatically activates and you pick the color. This is also not happening in illustrator.

    When I am trying to apply gradient, there is only numerical values for the angle of the linear gradient. I can enter a desired value. However, what I am looking for is a radial dial to adjust the degree and see the preview. How can I get that ?

    I applied the gradient didn’t like the result and now I cannot get rid off it and get a plain color instead.

    When a stroke effect is applied to a text, it overlaps with the original text and covers it as the strength of stroke effect is increased.

    So, those are pretty much my initial problems. Appreciate if someone can help.

  • Barry Weaver

    November 27, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    I can try to help you,
    Best way to get the colors you want is to make swatches, use the swatch window. If you are printing PMS colors you can go to the upper right of the window and select open swatch library in the pull down list and add your colors there. You can also create your own colors in the pull down window. Select new swatch. Note Make sure you click global then if you edit that color it will make every item with that color change. If global is not selected it will only change in the pallet. Last thing is if you have two colors in the swatch library and you do not want the one color anymore and want it to change to the other color, put them next to each other in your swatch library and hold shift and select the color you want to keep first then the color you want to get rid of second then under the drop down in the upper right select merge swatches. The color you want stays and everything that was that other color changes.

    For the color picker the item you want to change to a new color needs to be selected. So if you have a box on an image you want to change you have to have the box selected then use the color picker.

    Gradients are completely different in Illustrator so I always go back to Photoshop for that.
    You have some options but you have to really know illustrator to use them and if you are printing it is always recommended to us photoshop for them.

    Not sure what you are doing with the stoke effect but sound like your stroke is to big, I would have to see it to help you figure it out. Use the storke window to help you set size of stroke, sound like the default is to big a point size.

    Hope this helps a little. I am not the best to explain things over text. I am more of a shower. Please excuse the typos.

  • John Stanowski

    February 27, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    For the Stroke problem: your stroke is on top of the Fill. So, of course it will obscure the Fill the wider you make it. Use the Appearance Panel and reorder the Stroke so that it appears “below” the Fill.

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