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Forums Maxon Cinema 4D Jiggle or spring applied to motext moved as result of transformations or other deformers applied to parent null

  • Jiggle or spring applied to motext moved as result of transformations or other deformers applied to parent null

     Greg Sage updated 2 weeks, 6 days ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Greg Sage

    September 3, 2020 at 2:38 am

    I’ve been digging up all the tuts I could find on jiggle and springs, but they all seem to refer to directly moving, rotating, or scaling a mesh. I can see with spring effector that those are the three options with checkboxes.

    I’m not seeing how to apply jiggle or spring, though, when my motext motion is not due to transforms of the motext itself, but rather of a series of nested nulls containing the motext. I have a variety of other reasons for doing it this way.

    As for the effectors, Applying the springs directly to the motext seems to have no effect. I assume this is because the motext is not moving relative to the parent. The parent being a null, though, does not have a place to put the effector.

    If I try to do it with jiggle deformer, the deformer appears to do nothing when either applied to the parent null where the motion is taking place, or if applied to the motext. I’m assuming this is because it needs both a mesh to jiggle and a transform or force from which to derrive the jiggle, and since the mesh is in the motext and the transformation is in the parent null, it never has both at the same time.

    Open to whatever works, but a couple thougts have occurred to me:

    Can I perhaps use some kludge to gain access to the spring effectors like maybe using dummy mograph element rather than null as parent (fracture object maybe) so that then the parent doing the transform has an effector slot?

    Or, can I somehow tell the jiggle deformer that I want it applied to the global movement of the child rather than the local movement or whatever since there is actual movement in total, just not relative to the parent.

    Again, not hung up on either approach. Just thinking out loud. Whatever gets me past this ASAP.


    EDIT: Almost forgot… also trying to do same thing as a result of other effectors… so if there is a bend deformer on the parent null, for instance, and I go from bend back to straight, I want it to have springy behavior where child motext overshoots, and wiggles back and forth a bit as it settles back to straight.

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