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  • iTunes for Windows darker than Quicktime

  • Matt Larson

    July 6, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    I posted this on Apple’s discussions boards, but I wonder if the creative cow audience would have more helpful suggestions…

    I am having issues with iTunes and Quicktime displaying the same video file with different gamma levels on the same computer.

    When I open an H.264 encoded mp4 in Quicktime on Windows 7, the video looks just as I expect it would. When I open the same video file on the same computer in iTunes, the video is much darker. Windows Media also displays the file correctly.

    Is there anyway to adjust how iTunes on Windows 7 handles gamma correction? Is there an option to encode the gamma level directly into the mp4 file?

    The videos were encoded using Compressor on a Mac (the Final Cut Studio 3 version, not X) and display correctly on a Mac, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Mac Mini connected to an LED TV, and Quicktime for Windows, but not iTunes for Windows!

    2 x3Ghz Quad MacPro
    9 GB RAM
    Mac OS X 10.5.5
    QT 7.5.5
    FCP 6.0.5
    AJA Kona 3 (6.0.1 drivers)
    G-Speed XL 12 RAID

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