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  • iPhone/gopro neck mounts for five bucks

  • Mark Suszko

    September 11, 2020 at 7:14 pm

    I went to the local Five Below last week. For those that don’t have one nearby, Five Below is like the Ikea of Dollar Stores. I like to go there to get my Pocki, Beeman’s and Zagnut fix.

    They always have a lot of little gadgets I find useful like bluetooth remote-controlled LED puck lights with adjustable colors and effects… anyhow, shopping for smartphone holders and tripods to get for a friend, found a unique (to me) little $5 item; it wraps around your neck to hold a smartphone up on your collar bone, to shoot first-person views. The thing that made me decide to buy it was, the knuckle joint that attaches to the smartphone cradle is identical to the pivoting knuckles of a GoPro skeleton or waterproof case. So that makes it easy to convert it to an action-cam-holder.

    And the neck ring with a lightweight GoPro instead of a smartphone could certainly also be worn as a headband or over a ball cap as well, and be faced backwards behind you or to the side… you can start getting some interesting ideas.

    That presents some interesting shooting possibilities for me; as I start to make some ukulele play-along tutorial videos, I can now give the viewer my first-person view of the fretboard, one that is identical to what they see at home, instead of them needing to see the instrument reversed, as in most online tutorials. I always found it a chore to decipher that reversed view into what I was doing in my own lap with the instrument. I don’t see many first-person tutorial views online.

    A previous tool I tried for this task was to make a GoPro “bite-mount”, that is, literally, something that attaches to the go pro skeleton’s knuckle joint and lets you hold it between your teeth. SCUBA divers and maybe some BMX bikers have something like that, but it’s overpriced. That home-made bite mount got me the view I wanted, somewhat, but with too much head motion, plus drooling, and of course, I’d lose the ability to speak or sing while playing, not good either… so this $5 gadget looks like a good solution for me.

    The problem with the Five Below stores is, if you don’t buy it today on impulse, it’s probably out of stock for good by the next week. The build quality is about what you’d expect for five bucks, so maybe buy a spare. And some antique brand candy too:-)

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