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  • IO LA four channel audio output from FCP

    Posted by Tom Matthies on May 29, 2005 at 10:58 pm

    I have an IO LA for outputting from FCP. Right now, I have channel 1 & 2 from the LA going to a mixer. I’d like to use channel 3 & 4 from the LA and go to the input of a Tektronix audio phase/level meter. What I’d like to do is send FCP’s left (Ch-1) signal out of channel 1 and 3 of the LA and FCP’s right (Ch-2) out from channel 2 and 4 of the LA. Both the mixer and the Tek scope have XLR inputs and can connect directly to the LA.
    All of the balanced outputs from the mixer are being used, so that rules out connecting it to the mixer without first going thru an audio DA.
    Is it possible to have the LA’s channel 3/4 outputs mirror the channel 1/2 outputs?

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  • Generally speaking, unlike video with requires DA’s or bridging inputs so as not to “Load down”, most pro-level XLR lines can be “paralleled” and sent to 2 or 3 sets of inputs without signal degradation.

    But, if you want, you can build a “bridge-splitter” with about $2.00 worth of Resistors and keep your outputs pretty much isolated.

    Building a splitter is similar to building a “pad” for balanced output. You’ll deal with pin 2 and pin 3 (no need to involve pin 1 -the shield) in the circuit.

    Assuming a 600 ohm balanced output, you would want an “H” pad that loads the output to approximately the proper amount (around 600 ohms) Again, these are not critical values.

    The following represents the pad/splitter (dashed lines are just “wire” the “//////” represent a RESISTOR.
    There will also be a resistor between points B and E (see below).

    (io Output ) Pin 2 A

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