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  • Inetrnal production setup?

  • Scott Fisher

    December 19, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    Very broad question I could use your help on. I am charged with starting a production dept for my company. The post side is taken care of by me already but could use some advice for actual production materials.

    For the camera I was thinking an EX1. Audio, tripod, lights and backdrop I am not too sure on. This is mostly talking head type stuff. We need good equipment but we’re not shooting blockbusters here.

    I have experience with the Ex1/3, HVX200 and Canon DSLR’s. I also know a bit about field recorders. I have done a bunch of lighting but have zero idea of what I have used and I also don’t know anything about lavalier systems or boom shotgun setups.

    If I could get any recommendations that would be great. And don’t sweat the money, we need good stuff and can scale back if needed.

    Also, is this even where I should be posting this?


  • Mike Jeffs

    December 20, 2011 at 5:01 am

    [Scott Fisher] “I have done a bunch of lighting but have zero idea of what I have used”

    There are a couple of good DVDs out there to help you learn lighting. the one I make all my students watch is Vortex Media’s “Set up and light great interviews”. The great thing is he helps you build a generic light kit for about $1500.

    I also think there is a new cow video on lighting.

    Invest in a good tripod I have spend as much in my tripod as I did the camera. Its worth it, Smooth fluid motion is critical. If money is no object then I would suggest a Vinten Vision 100 to go with a ex3 or hvx.

    I would not shoot interviews with a DSLR I like the depth of field but the fact you can shoot longer the 18 minutes of contious footage is a pain. If you need the DOF then get a Sony FS100 or Panasonic AF100 they are great cameras for talking head interviews.

    MY two Cents

    Do your homework, Investigate, every situation is different what works for many might not work for you. If you can I would say rent gear as trials, It might cost the company up front but it will save them in the long run of buying something that is not going to work.

    Mike Jeffs
    Video Coordinator

  • David C Jones

    December 20, 2011 at 6:12 am

    I agree with Mike. You can’t go wrong with a Sony EX-1 or 3. And, you want to get a good tripod. As far as lav mics, I would go with ether a Countryman B6, or a Sanken COS-11x. Sonotrims are good, too.


    Dave J

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