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  • HP 650 G1 laptop Intel 4600 gpu driver issue

  • Wallace Adrian D’Alessio

    December 13, 2019 at 1:03 am

    A few weeks back I acquired an HP 650 G1 with i5 CPU and Intel 4600 chipset.
    It runs rings around my i3 machine.

    I am doing a variety of video editing, motion graphics and animation creation.
    I often use After Effects and Photoshop among the rest. And the i3 could handle more than imagined but was slow.

    In configuring the HP for my use I began installing Creative Cloud applications. The i3 Toshiba could handle AE well and even AE 2020 but again as mentioned it is slow. It has 8GB of RAM but I have been working toward bigger projects and image sequence generation could tie up the i3 for a whole day.
    The i3 could run and use AE 2020.

    The trouble came when I first tried to use AE 2020 on the HP with i5. With AE and other CC programs I keep getting a notice of a driver error. Creative cloud keeps saying it needs the Intel Driver. Windows 10 keeps saying the device has the best driver possible. Intel support says the driver is the best driver possible. I have tried .exe installs of the driver Adobe CC demands and I have tried removing ( uninstalling) the default driver, and then manual installs of the CC specified driver and they are refused .

    Otherwise the HP is highly capable and satisfying has 16 GB RAM and shows great promise for my work. It in\s on a LAN with the Toshiba and if this driver issue is fixed both machines working together for me can be very productive.

    I would like to hear about your experiences , if any, with this problem. I hope there is a solution.
    The ways offered by CC have not worked. And both Windows 10 and CC have made updates of updates since I began the process of configuring this machine and the LAN.

    TIA for any help and ideas.

    Adrian D’Alessio

    Adrian D\’Alessio aka; Fluxstringer

    [email protected]

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