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  • How to resize PSD file to actual size for printing as pdf?

  • Dan McGuire

    March 16, 2020 at 3:55 pm

    I have a collection of photos of various sizes.
    I am using a camera, not a scanner, to make digital copies. It’s much faster.
    I have to move the camera closer or farther away, depending on the size of the photo.
    How do I resize each .psd file to be the name size as the original picture?
    So for example, a picture can be 3×5 but the psd file (after cropping to the edges) can be 18.69×31.15 inches.
    I also want these photos to all end up with the same DPI.
    Would placing a ruler in the shot be helpful in re-scaling the photo? It could be cut out later.
    Also, for black and white photos, should I include a 16%grey scale card in each shot?
    Can I create a work-flow or, better yet, a set of actions that will resize all these photos properly?
    Dan (bad at math)

  • Simon Higgins

    March 18, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    1. First, make sure to shoot the photos with the maximum available resolution that your camera supports. This will help to retain the quality when resizing and then printing them.

    2. A standard A4 PDF document in Photoshop has the following size: Width: 8.5, Height: 11, Resolution: 300 pixels/inch.

    I recommend that you open a blank A4 document in the Photoshop the following way: File -> New -> Select the “Print” tab in the appeared window -> Choose A4.

    3. Now, open the photos you’ve taken with your camera in separate tabs in Photoshop. It’s likely that the photos have a resolution of 72 pixels/inch.

    4. Since you’re taking the photos from different distances, they will have different size (resolution). I suggest that you use the smallest picture you’ve got (with the lowest resolution) as a base size for the rest of the photos. In this case, you will be able to reduce the size of the photos with the larger resolution to your base size. This will retain their quality. (I don’t recommend increasing the size of the photos, since this will degrade their quality.)

    So, for example, if the size of your smallest picture is 18.69×31.15 inches, then you should reduce the size of the rest of the photos to 18.69×31.15 inches, so that they all have the same size. You may need to crop some photos to fit them within the aspect ratio.

    5. Now, just copy each photo and paste it into the A4 document you’ve created on Step 2. Then place them on the document in the order you want.

    That’s it, you should be ready to print the document with the photographs.

    Note: when doing so, your printed photos almost certainly won’t be in a standard 3X5 size.

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