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  • Help with XML and pasting FX attributes

  • Victoria Thaine

    October 13, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    Hi! I really need some help! I just edited my first music video, successfully sent it off for a colour grade and have now got that back, and need to put it all together. I’ve imported the XML from the colourist and it looks like every clip will need to have all the FX attributes put on them again – my video wasn’t super effects heavy but I had a lot of cropping, scaling and keyframed opacity. What is the best workflow here? Do I need to individually copy and paste the attributes from my main edit on to each individual clip in the XML sequence? That doesn’t feel very efficient? I thought perhaps there was a simple way to offline the clips in my main edit and just re-link to the graded footage, but I’m having trouble with that – it seems that when I re-link to he graded footage I’m still losing the FX. Also, I changed the file names of the clips in my project which makes that also a bit of handicap as the file names in my project are now different…. SO any advice would be welcome, I feel like I’m a bit in over my head and starting to panic! THANK YOU in advance!

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