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  • Handbrake not resolving variable frame rate issue as expected

  • Jeff Feaz

    December 16, 2021 at 6:17 pm

    Hi All!

    I’m working with some iPhone footage (recorded with the app). As you probably already know if you work with iPhone footage and need the audio and video in sync on your FCPX timeline, it needs to be converted from variable frame rate to constant frame rate using Handbrake – at least that’s the only tool I know of. Works great.

    However, with this project, 1 of the 2 clips converted fine, but I’ve tried converting the second, longer (about 35 minutes) one several times with slightly different configurations (including the exact same configuration as the other file), and the output file continues to gradually lose synchronization between the audio and video.

    This is true whether I import it to FCPX or play it back with Quicktime Player. Driving me crazy.

    I’ve tried the H.264 encoder, the MP4 encoder, matching the audio sample and bitrates exactly to the source footage, keeping the source 30fps, and converting it to 24fps.

    Has anyone encountered this? Attached is my most recent configuration in Handbrake for this conversion.

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