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Forums Sony Cameras FS700 2K S&Q Recording (where did my files go?)

  • FS700 2K S&Q Recording (where did my files go?)

  • Brian Crawford

    May 7, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    Hey all,

    I was shooting the other day with the FS700 shooting in both S&Q mode as well as standard 24 fps mode. However, when I go to import the clips, the only clips available are the non-S&Q clips. When I was recording in S&Q (at 2k) the camera said it was recording (I went back and checked this again, and it does say it’s recording without showing any warnings, even w/o an external recording device attached.)

    From my research, it looks like the camera isn’t able to record the 4/2k video to the sd card, but only through an external reorder like the Odyssey 7q or Sony’s option. Is that true? Are my clips completely lost? Does anyone else think it’s dumb that a camera would say it’s recording when it is actually not? Any ideas on how to recover that footage?


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