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  • Forrest Burger

    June 24, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Like many of you, I’ve been reading a lot of different forums and articles and listening to podcasts about FCPX, oscillating between shock, fear, disappointment, curiosity and excitement. I worked in network news for years and understand the need for large organizations and post houses to be able to have all their puzzle pieces fit tightly together.

    But, whether we like it or not, our industry has changed dramatically for the rest of us. I now run as basically a one-man-band. I shoot mostly on DLSR’s. I rarely have to move my projects from place to place. I’m not sure why, but this “new beginning” is intriguing to me. Bugs and left out features are there for sure, and hopefully will be resolved down the road.

    This one paragraph I just read from an interview with Michael Wohl hit home to me. It reminds me of a fundamental lesson I learned from my old boss Don Hewitt while I was an video editor at “60 Minutes,” just tell a good story and everything else will take care of itself.

    Michael Wohl-
    “The tool is not the point. The point is the storytelling and using the tool to communicate the contents of your video. You can do great storytelling with 2 tape decks and a switcher. You don’t need the hottest, coolest technology to tell good stories. When you’ve got that cool technology it does make it easier, but I think people can get caught up in the bells and whistles of the software and lose track of the bigger picture.”

    With that said, maybe I too will need to brush up on my rudimentary AVID skills or make the move to Premier.


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