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  • Folder Actions inside of Automator

     Mike Damian updated 7 years ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Mike Damian

    September 13, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    I’m hoping someone in this thread knows Automator for OSX. This was the only thread I could see posting it in. So basically what I am trying to do is setup an Automator action that will help my workflow when using downloaded stock content, weather it be graphics or stock video footage. Below are the steps I have so far that work inside automator.

    1.) Setup initial Automator files as a “Folder Action”
    I have set this to my downloads folder.

    2.) Applied the “Filter Finder Items” action. I have set this to “Any Content” that contains “graphicstock”. is the URL i am using for my stock graphics. Anything downloaded from them has the domain in the metadata.

    3.) Applied the “Move Finder Items” action. I have set this to my “Project Folder/Images”
    This moves the download from my downloads folder to my images folder within my project folder.

    4.) Applied the “Add Text” action
    Here I set a unique file name.

    5.) Applied the “Copy Finder Items” I have set this to my stock images folder on my DROBO to archive / Back them up.

    6.) Everything up to here has worked, and it’s pretty damn cool! But here comes the problem.

    Graphic stock is only half of the battle. Let’s say I want to do this with another site or another type of media that goes into the Downloads folder, that’s where I run into a brick wall!!! For example, I setup another one of these same folder actions for videoblocks, saved it and gave it a shot. It didn’t work. I tried graphic stock again and it worked. If I remove / delete the graphicstock folder action, and put the videoblocks folder action back, then the videoblocks action works. So i thought maybe you can’t have 2 folder actions for one folder. So I tried putting all the steps into one folder action. So the filter finder for graphic stock and video blocks were contained in the same folder action. I did the graphicstock process first and then in the same exact order the video blocks process. This didn’t work either!!!

    So if anyone here knows automator and can tell me what I am doing wrong that would be a great help! Let me know what other information you might need.

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