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  • Final Cut Pro X Pro Users Only??

  • Alexander Higgins

    April 13, 2011 at 4:34 am

    I feel like a lot of praise for Final Cut Pro X is coming from ProSumers and Fan Boys. Seriously, I have a company and we have invested in 10 suites for FCP for editorial and lots of other things. What do we do now?? This is not a joke, this is a serous change to our Facility. How does our nearly 10k in licenses translate for a $299 dollar app you download from the App Store? I know a bunch of people who don’t really use FCP to make a living will say its BETTER and CHILL OUT and WHAT DID YOU EXPECT. But get real. This is no change to our editorial style with this release all it did was dumb down our investment, if not make it worth NOTHING.
    Anyway, AVID here we come…

  • Todd Beabout

    April 13, 2011 at 4:42 am

    I agree. I’ve been back on Avid for several years after moving from commercial into television and the newer Avid leases remind me of the old days when FCP was truly innovating.

    I’m going to hold out on judging until I see more from Apple about all this. There was no mention of improved media management, titling, grouping (or multiple-clip), not to mention true dynamic trimming, etc… Hopefully they don’t completely abandon the actual pro user base out there.

    FWIW Avid is already making it a bit easier to move over:

    But again, too early to really judge from what use seen of this supermeet.

    My $.02


  • Jason Jenkins

    April 13, 2011 at 4:45 am

    [Alexander Higgins] “This is no change to our editorial style with this release all it did was dumb down our investment, if not make it worth NOTHING.
    Anyway, AVID here we come…”

    Can’t you keep using FCP 7? I edited for 4 years on FCP 5 without upgrading.

    Jason Jenkins
    Flowmotion Media
    Video production… with style!

  • Russell Lasson

    April 13, 2011 at 4:55 am

    Way too early to tell if this is really a pro app, but 64-bit with multi-core support and hardly any rendering looks very, very pro to me. The nesting support looks great! Really great. The keyframing is much better. Color in app is awesome. Speed changes are very cool. Magnetic timeline will be cool, as long as I can turn it off when I don’t want it.

    This is different. I know some people will hate having to figure out how to change their workflow. For me, still questions to be answered, but I think this will be significantly more pro than ANY of the previous versions.

    Different, but definitely more pro.


    Russell Lasson
    Colorist/Digital Cinema Specialist
    Color Mill
    Salt Lake City, UT

  • Alexander Higgins

    April 13, 2011 at 4:59 am

    [Jason Jenkins]Can’t you keep using FCP 7? I edited for 4 years on FCP 5 without upgrading.
    haha, I know you are joking, but that is funny. Maybe we should all use MSDOS? or a Commodore pet? So funny, so funny.

  • Andy Edwards

    April 13, 2011 at 5:16 am

    As others have said, too soon to tell. This was only a technology preview of what is coming. So much of the product is still under NDA. Give it a few weeks to see what might be the “one more thing.” Heck, I’m still stuck on 6.06! I work in a broadcast facility with 45+ FCP seats and it will be months before any change will come. Feel your pain, but don’t jump the gun on one announcement that doesn’t show the full picture.

  • Craig Seeman

    April 13, 2011 at 5:34 am

    This pattern of price change is new?
    Think of all the Avid facilities with their $60,000 a pop Media Composers and Symphonies that cost even more that moved to FCP at $1000 and an off the shelf PowerMac.

    Think of the cost of changing those 45 seats to FCPX vs even cross-grading to Avid. Of course think of the desire to change your systems to new Thunderbolt Macs to speed your workflow.

    If FCP has the speed, features and low enough price that you can even consider buying just a few Thunderbolt MacPros with the money saved . . . .

    Many question but the one thing I did see tonight was lots of hope and promise DELIVERED. Sure let’s see what the rest looks like but I saw a lot to be optimistic about . . . just as I saw at the turn of the century in FCP after having used Avid since 1989.

  • David Roth Weiss

    April 13, 2011 at 5:47 am

    [Andy Edwards] “As others have said, too soon to tell. This was only a technology preview of what is coming… …don’t jump the gun on one announcement that doesn’t show the full picture.”

    Andy’s right, the unveiling tonight revealed very little tangible information that anyone should act on at this point. There were many unanswered questions that weren’t even touched upon at this rather cursory unveiling, and anyone who’s already planning to jump ship at this point is really overreacting. I think the jury’s still out, and there’s no need for high drama yet…

    In any case, that’s my 2-cents worth for this evening.

    David Roth Weiss
    David Weiss Productions, Inc.
    Los Angeles


    A forum host of Creative COW’s Business & Marketing and Apple Final Cut Pro forums. Formerly host of the Apple Final Cut Basics, Indie Film & Documentary, and Film History & Appreciations forums.

  • David Battistella

    April 13, 2011 at 5:57 am


    How can you make a professional informed choice for your facility without properly evaluating the feature set?

    I’m sure 12 years ago when FCP came in at 1000.00$ and AVID was still $100,000.00 you heard alot of the same things.

    Then what happened. FCP CHANGED EDITING for good.

    Now they have moved their focus towards metadata and the WEB. That is somehow stupid I guess. Think about a site like flicker and what it would be without METADATA.

    FCP is going to be the editing app that allows searchable metadata WITHIN EDITED qt movies. Contemplate what that means.

    Thinka bout what it means when you can search keyworks strings on TERRABYTES of data on your SAN.

    Step back. Look at the large picture of an application that needs to do MUCH more than the four walls around your “facility”.

    Shit on apple all you want and go AVID or premiere, but it would be a mistake.



  • Tim O’Grady

    April 13, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Here’s my take: (wild, unsubstantiated speculation) Pressure has been mounting for Apple to announce a new, built from the ground up, 64 bit revision of FCP. So they show it off to some key FCP editors to get the word out and create buzz in preparation for an announcement in June of the new, and now available for download, FCP. Then someone at Apple catches wind of Avid’s $995.00 (60% off!) promotion to lure FCP editors away to media composer. That, along with the buzz from the secret meeting, compels them to make the last minute decision to preview, ahead of schedule, the new FCP at NAB, but without the fully finished suite. It’s an uncharacteristically desperate move, but necessary. They can now say that FCP does many of the things media composer does but for $299. At that price point FCP can be downloaded by professionals and amateurs alike, so Final Cut Express gets the axe and they start selling FCP to everyone in June. Meanwhile they continue working on the rest of the suite for debut later this year at the $1000 price point.
    Apple editing family: iMovie (iLife) $49 or free with a new Mac, New Final Cut Pro $299, New Final Cut Studio $1000.

    One last thing: If you can afford to have both FCP and Media Composer in your arsenal and have the clients to make use of them, then more power to you! But if, as some people have suggested on these forums, you are jumping ship because a relatively short presentation, on the beta version of a major piece of software that isn’t on sale for another three months, didn’t demonstrate every single new feature and didn’t answer every single possible question, then, my friend, that Avid promotion was made especially for you.

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