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  • Terry Flaxton

    November 20, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Hi, So I’ve been working my way through 4k and 8k and finally arrived at VR – there’s a connection in my head anyway. I understand I need acquire SteamVR and also I’m about to buy a headset and I see the HTC option but Oculus Quest 2 seems a good buy (I have a 16 core mac with 192 of ram and a set of fast 6000mbs ssd’s). Any extra recommendations? Also as newbie – are there any tips for taking a 16.9 aspect ratio 4k image and creating a wrap. As a side issue for instance it dawned on me that if there were preconfigured videos of at least 270 degrees of a cinema or gallery space (effectively like a maya model you could purchase) you could aid online VR streaming with an iMax sized screen in a cinema or gallery. I know that’s not true VR but I’m looking at all kinds of versions of this form. Thanks in advance and any help is much appreciated.

  • Stephen Mann

    January 17, 2023 at 6:01 pm

    Have you found a vector to put your stereo video into an Oculus?

  • Matthew Woods

    February 7, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    I tried to get FCP’s VR tools to work and never managed it, and we actually have an old HTC Vive in our office that was supposed to be compatible with mac. Steam VR for mac never made it out of beta, and isn’t supported by the latest MacOS. I have wondered why FCP still says it can directly output to VR. Maybe they are hanging onto the feature for the release of Apple’s headset.

    I have used the excellent NDI plugin for FCPX to stream video out of FCP over ethernet into the Vive connected to another machine (running windows). There may be an NDI viewer for the Quest, but I would recommend ethernet over wireless. Wireless got laggy when streaming NDI video from FCP. The Oculus Quest2 can function as a wired Rift when plugged into a Windows machine though. Here is the link to download NDI tools for mac:

    In answer to Terry’s question about making a virtual iMax cinema, I edit projection mapped videos for museums where we are often projecting on unconventional surfaces or architecture. VR has been an excellent tool to preview these projections before we get onsite. I use Unity3D with Projector Simulator Pro and klakNDI to create custom simulations of the environment so we can preview our FCPX edits. I also create some of my own tools with FXFactory to help me out with the mapping.

    Good luck.

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