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  • Thomas Morter-Laing

    March 21, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    OK I’m sure this is a VERY basic question- Im experienced with FCP but VERY new to AVID. All Im trying to do is open a project from FCP7 in AVID MC6. Ive tried exporting an EDL, which didn’t open in AVID. Ive tried using AUtomatic Ducks tool and Boris’s tool to oaf and neither of them worked. When I looked at the console in AVID it gave me the errors”

    [ Plugin Name = SonyXDCAM_64bit Sony Corporation Version = 1.3031 ] does not support /Users/Home/Desktop/Sequence 3.aaf
    [ Plugin Name = QuickTime Plug-In Avid Technology, Inc. Version = 1.2 ] does not support /Users/Home/Desktop/Sequence 3.aaf

    The codecs in the FCP timeline are XDCAM EX and ProRes422 which I thought were now natively editable in AVID? Ive also installed the XDCam EX plugins suggested on the AVID site. Not sure what Im doing here, please help :S

    Tom Morter-Laing
    Twitter- @TomTheEditor
    Editor, Certified Apple Product Proffessional, 2010

    Equipment (not for ‘bragging’, but in case it’s relevant to future posts :D): Canon 7D, with Rode NTG2.
    iMac 27″ intel i7 3.4GHz, 12GB RAM, ATI HD 6970M [2GB GDDR5], 2x G-Tech G-RAID (0) 2TB over Thunderbolt via Sonnet Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt adapter and Tempo™ SATA ExpressCard/34. Elgato Turbo H264HD.

  • Shane Ross

    March 21, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    The Duck only does sequence, not full projects.

    Avid does XDCAM native…native from the card. Avid cannot read the converted files that FCP makes with XDCAM.

    Why are you trying to convert? Use FCP for this project, as it works…and then do future projects with Avid.

    Little Frog Post
    Read my blog, Little Frog in High Def

  • Pat Horridge

    March 22, 2012 at 7:49 am

    There ar two steps to bringing a project from FCP to Avid. the first is the sequence information the second the media and linking to it or embedding it in the AAF.
    You can test if Avid can see your source media by using AMA in Avid to try and manually link to some of your source footage. If that won’t AMA then you need to resolve that (but it looks like it should)
    But Automatic duck should have produced an AAF that you could import into Avid and that should have given you a Sequence with offline clips in it. Did you get that?

    Pat Horridge
    Technical Director, Trainer, Avid Certified Instructor
    Production Editing Digital Media Design DVD
    T +44 (0)20 7505 4701 | F +44 (0)20 7505 4800 | E [email protected] | | Lux Building 2-4 Hoxton Square London N1 6US

  • Andy Field

    March 26, 2012 at 4:58 am

    This is the ONLY reliable method we’ve found to work from FCP7 to AVID 5.5 —

    We’ve tried BORIS AAF and Automatic Duck (free now) with AMA linking and it virtually never works — (the sequence carries over but can’t get the relink no matter what format – and then in some cases we get some of the files but not all of them – it’s maddening.

    But here’s what seems to work every time

    First Settings in FCP

    In final cut Pro 7

    Export with these settings (no matter how you’ve edited in Final Cut or what the original codec is) You can of course set your DNX quality settings higher or lower)

    ** the transcode will take some time depending on length of project so go get lunch or dinner or do it over night***


    Take the resulting DNX MXF Files and put them in a folder where AVID will see it (AVID MEDIAFILES FOLDER on the root of whatever hard drive you are using)

    OPEN a new AVID Project and import the AAF file

    Everything comes up except Graphics with motion effects and titles and whatever filters don’t’ carry over (and the graphics are there – but un-rendered because of the bad translation of motion effects —

    ALSO ALPHA CHANNEL GRAPHICS seem to have a problem with the translations and probably need to be re-imported

    But that’s it – very clean and simple

    Worked like a charm on XDCAM and DVCPRO HD

    Andy Field
    FieldVision Productions
    N. Bethesda, Maryland 20852

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