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  • Oliver Parker

    March 7, 2007 at 10:16 am

    I have changed a setting in final cut that stops any of the time lines from showing video untill you press stop, which then brings up a still form that frame! audio still plays. Can’t seem to work out how to change this back??

  • John Steventon

    March 7, 2007 at 10:56 am


    This might not be it, but have you checked:

    1) Your project/sequence/Easy Setup settings to make sure everything’s what it’s supposed to be? Ie, if you’re playing DV Pal video, your sequence settings are also DV Pal?

    2) What about effects rendering? Have you changed the RT option to not play effects in real time? There will probably be a red line across the top of the sequence if this is the case.

    I’ll keep thinking about this, but these are the two things that popped up in my head.

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  • Martin Baker

    March 7, 2007 at 11:33 am

    Change the RT popup menu at the top left of the timeline window to “Unlimited RT”.

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  • Rob Forsythe

    March 7, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    This list contains virtually everything to try to enable:
    a. External Monitor VIDEO and AUDIO via FireWire & DV deck or camcorder.
    b. Viewing in the Canvas window on the computer screen.
    c. Being able to record on the external FW DV deck or camcorder.
    d. Being able to capture from a FW device.

    If working this list doesn’t cure the problem… you may have a serious PROBLEM!

    Try things in this order until you find the “cure”:

    1. Make sure you have only ONE (1) FireWire deck, camcorder, DV capture “card”, or D-to-A converter or video device attached to the computer at a time. Any more than one DV device can cause loss of signal and control.
    2. Make sure you have View (Menu) > External Video> All Frames set.
    (If the ALL FRAMES option is grayed-out… jump to step 6 below and continue.)
    3. Make SURE your Canvas window (right window) in FCP is set to “Fit to Window”… AND that it has not been “pushed off” the edge of the computer screen or “pushed into” other windows.
    4. Make sure your CANVAS View Menu (Box Icon with broken sides) is checked on Image or Image+Wireframe… NOT just Wireframe.
    5. Make sure your CANVAS View Menu is checked on RGB… NOT just Alpha.
    6. Make sure your Final Cut Pro (menu) > Easy Setup… is set for DV-NTSC (or DV-PAL, if that’s where you are).
    7. Some camcorders/decks work better under “FW (NTSC/PAL)” -or- “FW (NTSC/PAL) Basic” control (in the capture settings). Try either setting to see which works best for your device.
    8. Make sure your Final Cut Pro (menu) > Audio/Video Settings > A/V Devices (tab) > Mirror on Desktop > must be CHECKED. (If not, playing video will not appear in the Canvas.)
    9. Make sure the “Log and Capture” Window is CLOSED and not just “hidden” behind other windows.
    10. Make sure you have chosen FW output for A/V:
    Final Cut Pro (menu) > Audio/Video Settings… >
    Video Playback: Apple FireWire NTSC (720 x480)
    Audio Playback: FireWire DV
    11. Turn off the power to the Camera/Deck/Converter Box, then turn it back ON.
    12. Make sure the camera is in VTR mode… or the deck is in DV (DV, iLink, or FW) input.
    13. On a Sony camcorder or deck, make sure the menu setting “A/V > DV Out” is set to OFF.
    14. Re-check that your FW cable is well-connected at both ends (or try a new cable).
    15. Important: Quit FCP, then Restart FCP.
    16. Now again, make sure you have View > External Video > ALL FRAMES set…

    If it still does not work. “Trash” the FCP Preferences on the Mac
    “FCP Rescue” is a free Apple Script that will Trash the Preferences.
    It will also restore your user settings afterwards.

    If you have “lost” your entire FW connection between the Mac and the device, go HERE:

    >Then, start again at my “step 1” above.

  • Colin McQuillan

    March 7, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    Did you try the “w” key? it chages your view setting from image to image+wireframe to Wireframe only… if it’s set to wireframe only,, when you hit play, your canvas and CRT will go black (unless you have composits, then you will see their wireframe outline)

    could be this simple,, hit “w” press play. if it doesnt change it, hit “w” again. you can also select this from a canvas drop down menu

    Colin McQuillan
    Vancouver BC

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