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  • FC6->Episode->DVDSP4 bitrate problem

  • Terry Griffey

    September 24, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    I’m receiving a bitrate too high message from DVDSP4 only from Episode encoded files. (Occurs on more than one exported sequence) Here’s the workflow…

    HDV 1080i sequence in FCP6 exported as QT movie – ProRes

    Compressed using Episode using following settings starting with the HD->SD 6mbit preset…

    Bitrate-based, peak rate 7000 and avg 6000
    4:2:0 color space with 16:9 ratio, Progressive encode type and field order “same as input”

    2-pass and other MPEG-2 settings default
    Resize filter on – 720 X 480

    Import asset into DVDSP and see average bit rate is 6.1 Mb. When building I get the “video bitrate too high”. When encoding in Compressor 3 using the 90-minute BEST preset (a peak of 7.2), the average bit rate for the file is 6.3 Mb and DON’T get the bitrate too high error.

    I also notice that DVDSP reports the asset as 29.97 non-drop with the Episode encoded file and 29.97 drop with the Compressor encoded file. This may mean nothing.

    Is Episode missing bitrate spikes?

    Thanks for your help.

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