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  • Joby Anthony jr

    May 10, 2023 at 8:06 pm

    FWIW Neil, I don’t have experience w/ Dropbox Replay, don’t know what it is, and frankly hadn’t heard of it before. I’m in a large organization which provides Dropbox for us, but I’ve never seen it advertised within our group, even though the video says it’s bundled for free. So maybe our corporate IT has it turned off. Unsure. But . . .

    To Michael’s point. I too burn-in timecode and ask that notes be made back accordingly (via Word or Excel generally). However, when instructions aren’t followed and they put notes back directly into the Comments section of Dropbox, I’ve run into the gotcha that I cannot export those comments. In other words, there’s no way easy way (that I’ve found) to get those comments out of there for passing along to the editor or for archiving with the project. An important step in our workflow environment. And, those comments go away once the file is deleted. So a heads-up gotcha there. Unsure if Replay would provide that option or not, but that’s something to watch for IF being able to download those comments are important.

    And I agree with Michael in that unless the file is downloaded to the computer prior to playback, I get “glitchy” comments back from a Dropbox review if they don’t do that otherwise. Or, I make such a highly compressed file so that easily transports in Dropbox, but it otherwise makes it almost an audio-only review at that point. Again, unsure if Replay would provide a better user experience.

    Re:, I’ve had very limited experience with it, where our client was the paying customer and we just uploaded review copies for them to make their own internal reviews/comments. And then feedback was sent back to our group via email. So the only thing I can comment on here is that uploads were extremely fast. It otherwise seemed slick and competent, and would be tempting if our group could justify the expense over the corporately provided Dropbox account (which at this point, I don’t think I could).


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