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  • Fastest workflow to offload data from Ki Pro

    Posted by Ezra Pollack on March 11, 2020 at 6:50 am


    I recently got some Ki Pro units but am a little disappointed in their ethernet performance which is more like 100megabit than the gigabit advertised. I’m seeing similar comments in the forums here suggesting it’s not just my network (and I’ve tested directly to a computer bypassing all switches with the same result). Speeds are consistently 13-14MB/s. That’s far too slow for ProRes LT and certainly less compressed formats. I really want to avoid pulling out and swapping a dozen KiStor drives daily both for wear and tear and efficiency.

    So I’m looking for better options via Firewire. The best scenario I’m thinking would be a firewire multi-port hub to connect multiple Ki Pros to a single computer… ideally with more than 800mbps bandwidth so all devices could copy info to an SSD or SSD raid setup. These are the options in my mind:

    1) I’m not sure if there’s such a hub, but as mentioned above if there were a thunderbolt (8 port ideally) hub and all Ki Pro units were hooked up to it [using Firewire 800 to thunderbolt adapters], conceivably I should be able to connect all units and the thunderbolt should have enough bandwidth to transfer all that data simultaneously without the 800mbps limitation of a firewire 800 hub. I’ve seen firewire800 hubs but I don’t see thunderbolt hubs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions to make this work.

    2) Buy firewire800 to thunderbolt adapters AND thunderbolt to gigabit ethernet adapters. Now hook into a switch and use ethernet at proper gigabit speeds. Perhaps try a 10gigabit switch for extra bandwidth for the last mile to the computer/NAS etc.

    3) If thunderbolt hub is not available, buy firewire800 hub. Speed is limited to shared 800mbps from the hub to the computer.

    4) Daisychain Ki Pro units. I haven’t ever tried daisychaining firewire, but i imagine the hub approach is more reliable in case something breaks in the daisylink chain and everything unmounts unexpectedly potentially risking data. Still, this would be limited to 800mbps. I’m wondering if it would be possible to hook the daisychained units to a thunderbolt dock or somehow add a thunderbolt as the final link in order to increase the bandwidth downstream to the computer.

    5) Connect devices to a firewire800 switch and pull the data off each Ki Pro faster than ethernet, but only sequentially not simultaneously – not ideal.

    6) Pull out drives and insert into a dock or just connect each device one by one to a computer or multiple systems. Last resort.

    Ezra Pollack replied 4 years, 1 month ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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