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  • Expressions Stop Working when Applying Keyframes

  • Andrew Marchand

    January 6, 2022 at 2:40 pm

    So, I have a main composition that has several precomps inside of it.

    Some of those precomps have controllers applied to them that are supposed to affect content inside of them. For example, I have a Slider on one precomp that is supposed to ‘scroll’ the layers up and down. I have the Slider Values changed to the position I want them to start/stop in; 400 and 800 This is the expression:

    comp(“1_MAIN COMP”).layer(“Profile”).effect(“Page Scroll”)(“Slider”)

    When I move the slider on the precomp from the Main Comp, it works fine, however when I try to apply keyframes, all motion stops. I’m just trying to move the Y position down so I have it separated from the X position.

    I also have another precomp inside a precomp that has a ‘highlight’ bar. I’ve used a dropdown menu to select the positioning of this bar. There are 12 separate positions. The highlight precomp is 12 frames long with 12 layers and then time-remapped with a hold keyframe so that I can change which item it is highlighting. It is built like this: Main Comp -> Navigation (Dropdown applied on top so it is accessible in the Main Comp) -> Highlight Bar (12 Frames long & Time Remapped inside the Navigation Comp). I’m having the same issue where when I try to apply a keyframe to the Dropdown Menu Control, the highlight bar does not change.
    This is the expression:

    comp(“1_MAIN COMP”).layer(“Nav Bar”).effect(“Dropdown Menu Control”)(“Menu”)*thisComp.frameDuration-thisComp.frameDuration

    Any Help would be appreciated.

  • Andrew Marchand

    January 6, 2022 at 4:27 pm

    Nevermind. Figured it out based off an old post from 2014 on this forum:

    comp("1_MAIN COMP").layer("Profile").effect("Page Scroll")("Slider")
    C = comp("1_MAIN COMP");
    ctrl = C.layer("Profile").effect("Page Scroll")("Slider");
    L = C.layer(;

    And for the other:

    comp("1_MAIN COMP").layer("Nav Bar").effect("Dropdown Menu Control")("Menu")*thisComp.frameDuration-thisComp.frameDuration 
    C = comp("1_MAIN COMP");
    ctrl = C.layer("Nav Bar").effect("Dropdown Menu Control")("Menu");
    L = C.layer(; ctrl.valueAtTime(time+L.startTime)*thisComp.frameDuration-thisComp.frameDuration

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