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Forums Adobe Illustrator exporting targa .tga with Alpha from Illustrator in CS2

  • exporting targa .tga with Alpha from Illustrator in CS2

  • Aled Rhys Jones

    January 17, 2007 at 9:16 pm


    I’ve found that trying to export an Illustrator file as a targa cantaining an alpha channel does not work following the usual method from CS1 in the new CS2 Illustrator.

    This is the method I use in CS1 which works perfectly:

    1| Draw a box with enough room around the illustration and change it to “Crop Area”.
    (this is to prevent any crop to the aliasing on the extreme edges of the illustration)
    2| Make sure that there’s nothing filling the area except for the illustration (i.e. background is empty).
    3| Go to “File/Export” and select “Targa”.
    4| Select “Alpha Channel” in the “Save As” dialog box.
    5| Set RGB and correct Resolution.
    6| select 32 bits (as only this format holds the Alpha Channel).
    7| Open up in Photoshop and the Alpha Channel shows the silhouette (matte) of the illustration.

    By following this method in CS2 the Alpha channel is empty (i.e. completely white).

    Am I missing something (e.g. Adobe slipping in a new logic to the programme without telling anyone!),
    or is this a bug issue?

    I’ve looked up all the Help documents and plenty of forums but have had no success.
    Can anyone help?



  • Richard Harrington

    January 22, 2007 at 3:38 am

    Just Place the Illustrator file into a new Photoshop document File>Place

    This is a much mor flxible option… then run the create Alpha channel action from the Video set in the actions palette (load from the palette’s submenu)

    Richard M. Harrington, PMP

    Author: Photoshop CS for Nonlinear Editors, Understanding Adobe Photoshop, and ATS:iWork

  • Aled Rhys Jones

    January 22, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    I realise that this is a simple workaround from photoshop’s point of view. However, many of my workflows (I work in Broadcast), demand precise placing and scaling (to the pixel!). Illustrator is fantastic for this purpose and I work with many templates to-and-fro Illustrator-Photoshop. I need to be certain that the graphics work within these templates. I’d rather work in one application safe in the knowledge that I needn’t change it again when it’s migrated to a different applications.
    Also… what if I didn’t have Photoshop and were to send a graphic to a production company who need to have a Targa with Alpha direct into their operating system.

    (I live in hope!)


  • dilip cruz

    November 15, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    can you explain : “working/exporting channels with Illustrator for textile designing”

    I know Illustrator but when I apply for a textile design company they ask me that we work on channels for the designs. Please tell me what is the meaning practically. Did they mean CMYK or Alpha? If any then how to work on them and what format to export and process.

    plz reply me fast else I will drop the job.

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