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Forums Adobe Premiere Pro Exporting Merged Clips to FCPX?

  • Exporting Merged Clips to FCPX?

  • Brian Petersen

    July 11, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    I started a project in Premiere Pro and after merging all my video clips with the dual system audio, and then putting together an assemble edit… we’ve decided to move back to FCPX. I’m trying to figure out how much work I can keep. The PP XML export run through 7toX doesn’t give me any merged/synced clips, just the original video and original audio. Am I just going to have to re-sync everything? Perhaps “merged clips” doesn’t carry over through the XML translation?

    I just googled regarding merged clips and I see people are having all sorts of trouble with merged clips when trying to go outside the Adobe world. I’m thinking I might just have to start over.

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