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  • eSpace the new free iOS & Android storage calculator app – it’s good

  • alex mcalpine

    December 7, 2016 at 7:33 am


    I’m Alex and I have created eSpace, a free storage calc app for iOS & Android, it’s similar to AJA Data Calculator but better. You can find eSpace on the appstore and playstore by searching for “espace codecs” and I have also posted links to the app at the bottom of this post. I made this because all the apps out there aren’t very good ☺

    Bob Zelin on Creative Cow likes it, which means a lot to us! Thanks for the feedback so far Bob.

    For those of you who on a daily basis need to calculate how much storage is required while onset filming or in post production, this is a great app, read below why.

    Here are some reasons why it’s better than the other apps available,

    1. You can calculate up 4 formats in parallel – So if you have Camera A filming with HD XDCAM50 for 5 hrs and Camera B filming with GoPro 2.7k for 3hrs it will tell you the total. Or for post production your offline is 8hrs of Pro Res LT HD and your online will be 3hrs Pro Res 4444 UHD

    2. You can enter your own data rate. Choose custom for the codec option and enter a data rate in MB/s or Mb/s

    3. Calc how many hours of a codec you can fit on a defined storage amount or calc how much storage space you will require for a certain numbers of hours

    4. We have an up to date codec list and will keep this updated as new formats come out. We have DNxHR, 8K RED, LongG, XAVC, AVC-Intra and more

    5. Tap the outputs to convert between hours, days, mins and GB, TB, MB

    7. For post production calc how much bandwidth performance your storage needs to deliver when playing a number of streams – So you have 5 edit suites playing 2 streams of XDCAM HD each and 2 edit suites playing 4 streams of Pro Res 4444 UHD whats the total performance bandwidth you storage requires to play all this in realtime?

    To do this click “Sec” and then enter the number of streams required in the example above you would enter 10 for XDCAM in tab 1 (5 edit suites playing 2 streams each), in tab 2 enter 8 for Pro Res (2 edit suites playing 4 streams each) at the top of each tab click the output to covert to MB. This will now display the MB value to sustain this playback

    6. We are free and support Android & iOS

    Try the app and please give us feedback, if you want an improvement or codec added let us know.

    If you like the app the only thing we ask is that you share the message with friends and also give us a rating on the appstore and playstore.

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