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  • Entire Ki Pro recording lost when video signal lost…entire show gone…emergency..!

  • Rich Kaelin

    May 7, 2016 at 10:55 pm

    So we were recording with KiPro devices and the video signal was interrupted when power to the camera was lost. 2 hours of an entire show is now gone. I know the Ki Pro had to be recording data that entire time, but the QuickTime file was just not closed. There must be a method for data recovery in this situation. I do not understand why the Ki Pro does not close the file upon loss of signal. This seems like a major major major design flaw. The unit itself did not lose power, essentially the video feed to it was cut, and all the data previous to that was lost. That is simply unacceptable. Does anybody have a way that has been able to recover the data from such a situation? I am certain it is there, it just needs to be stripped off the drive and put into a closed QuickTime file. Thanks.
    UPDATE: one drive had a file, with the correct name and of the correct size, but it was corrupted. I was able to repair this file, and it plays now. The other drives have no file showing bto repair, and my data recovery software cannot find it. Likely because there was never a valid file created to find. But the data must be there, and as prores is an I frame codec, each frame is an independent image. It would see these could be found, collected, and put in a container some how.

    Rich Kaelin
    Kaelin Motion Production Services
    New York

  • Andrew Kletke

    July 19, 2016 at 4:22 am

    I know this is an older post but. AeroQuartet’s Treasured app will do a deep media scan and find “lost” recordings. If you haven’t recorded anything on these drives since then you will more than likely be successful. When these drives are formatted they don’t actually erase the data on them they just reset where to start writing the info at. Now if you have a signal failure during a session and it cannot close the file then continue on and record the next session… You’re hosed because it will go back and start the next recording at the end of the last successful clip.

    Hope that helps.

    Andrew Kletke

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