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  • encore acting very buggy, ruining my project file, now no demo reel for job interview

  • Dustin

    November 15, 2005 at 9:20 am

    I was trying to change a few things on a dvd i have already authored in in encore. i contained many timelines as it has motion transitions and what not. I was trying to replace some newly rendered transitions when, now I’m unable to import anything. I always get a dialogue saying i have the wrong format quicktime and i must transcode. The problem is, the file it says im trying to import is not the file im actually importing, in fact, I deleted it and it doesn’t even exist anymore, but everytime, no matter what I try to import as either a timeline or an asset, as either a quicktime .mov, or an AVI, i get the same transcode dialogue stating that I must transcode. Also, at this dialogue, whether I choose transcode or cancel, it won’t do anything, the dialogue just dissapears for a split second and reappears. I’m unable to cancel it and it crashes the program.

    Because of not being able to import anything, i was actually forced to reauthor this entire dvd again, which is very extensive, and in the middle of this project, im getting funny behavior also. i will import files, but sometimes won’t transcode them. Also, i am unable to save because everytime i hit save i get a “file not found” error. I uninstalled and reinstalled encore and both of my projects still exhibit the corrupted behavior. I don’t know what to do, because i have a job interview tomorrow and now no demo reel to show, and the demo reel i currently had was a work in progress with 3 solid weeks of work already invested. I’ve definitely given up on encore, i’m so completely dissatisfied right now, because when it really counted, the software did not come thru at all.

  • Mike Cohen

    November 16, 2005 at 9:48 pm

    is the interview for a dvd authoring job? If not, I would keep the menus simple, and offer to send the interviewer a DVD authoring demo if it comes up in the interview.
    No sense in pulling your hair out if you don’t have to.

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