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  • Encoding for Broadcast TV

  • Bob Gale

    March 24, 2021 at 5:44 pm


    I don’t do this much, but was asked to encode a :30 spot for broadcast TV. I edited the spot with Premiere Pro (sending the sequence to AME). The spec sheet asks for 1080p, with the following:

    File Formats: H.264 / .MPEG4 / .MPEG2 / .MOV

    Quality: Highest Quality Possible

    Frame Rate: 29.97

    Audio Format: Uncompressed

    Sample Rate: 48kHz

    Sample Size: 16

    Channels: 2

    I would typically use H.264 (mp4), “Match Source-Adaptive High Bitrate,” for this type of thing, but there is no option for uncompressed audio. Only AAC or MPEG. Which one of these is best? The MPEG choice offers Layer 1 or Layer 2, along with several advanced settings. Which one of these is best quality?

    If I use MOV, there is an option to choose uncompressed audio, but the file size is almost 1 GB vs. 100MB for the MP4.

    I may just upload both and let them pick, but I’m hoping someone here may know.


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