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  • Chip Hess

    July 12, 2021 at 9:23 pm

    I am posting this as a warning to all, as it happened to me.
    There are fraudsters posing as legit media companies.

    They are harvesting info gleaned from job applications.
    You will get an offer, and when they start the ‘background check’ process, that’s where they get you. They are REALLY good, going so far as a timed online test. No doubt stolen from an HR company.

    The irony of course is creatives are not usually known for being, uhh – rich.
    Yet, they target the vulnerable (job seekers). I have started verifying all interview requests, by reaching out to the company itself. This has been going on at least in Chicago, three outfits I know of. The very same day I realized I had been taken, I got yet another suspicious offer. I requested they send me the link to the original job posting, for verification.

    Well, they sent a link. Page 404, no job. There is now an FBI alert regarding this angle.

    Please feel free to share this, wherever!

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