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  • DVD Architect Menu Malfunction

     Doug Jackson updated 3 weeks ago 4 Members · 4 Posts
  • Mike Green

    January 10, 2023 at 12:11 am

    Hello, I don’t see a DVD Architect area, so I’m trying here.

    I produce DVDs (blu-ray) of dance performances. I like to include a main start menu, with a Play Button and a Button to Act 1 and Act 2 menus with Buttons to various chapters from the show. I do not use thumbnail video clips for chapter buttons. I simply have a text button.

    I have mixed success getting back to a (working) main menu after launching to a chapter. I have one movie file on the dvd. I set the movie file’s End Action to Menu or Most Resent Menu. I have tried both. What happens is when returning to the main menu, the navigation is not there. There is nothing highlighted like when first putting the disc in the player. The only way to do anything at that point is to eject the disc and re-insert it. The only way to do anything at that point is to eject the disc and re-insert it. The weird thing is, I have had some discs that work, but I have no idea why.

    I attached a video showing what happens. I jump to a chapter then try to hit the back button on the remote, which does nothing. Then I hit the Menu button on the remote which brings it to the main menu, but it doesn’t work. Also If the movie is allow to play till the end after jumping to a chapter, it goes back to a non functioning main menu.

    Another note, If the play button is selected, the movie is allowed to play, I can skip through the chapters, hit the menu button and the main menu works fine. It only seems to not work when a jump to a chapter is made.

    Any help is appreciated. No one has complained yet about the previous dvds I’ve produced, but I would like to try and make them function as they should.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mike G

  • Steve Rhoden

    January 18, 2023 at 8:17 pm

    Sorry, wish i could help, but my knowledge of DVD Architect has long gone out the window.

    Since the death of DVD’s, it has been years since i have touched Architect….. Very strange to see that format is still being requested.

  • Edward Troxel

    February 7, 2023 at 7:39 pm

    @Steve Rhoden, yet we produce DVDs every week…

    @Mike Green, can you set it to return to the “Top Menu”? The “top menu” will probably be the name of the main menu.

    Also, what happens if you click on “Top Menu” on the dvd remote instead of ejecting and reinserting?

  • Doug Jackson

    March 3, 2023 at 2:27 am

    Hi Mike,

    I believe sometimes DVD Architect ‘gets it wrong’. Many full moons ago, I mastered a DVD in DVD Architect (It was Sony at that time but I don’t remember what version — this was around 2006) and we had 1000 discs replicated (the whole glass master and stamper and injection molding process). We started to get random reports from customers who said their player would play the first movie then stop throw a ‘disc error’ instead of progressing to the next item. I could not replicate on any of my players nor get real ‘detail’ from any of the customers. I went looking for a tool to check the ‘DVD’. I found a software tool called ‘pgc_edit’ (which I think is still around) which basically told me the menu programming from DVD Architect wasn’t ‘exactly’ correct. I don’t remember the details. But I did use ‘pcg_edit’ to correct the menuing and we had a short run of replacement DVDs duplicated with the new menu which we sent as replacements to those who had the problem. We never heard back from any folks to whom we sent replacements. ‘pcg_edit’ at that time was ‘Donationware’ and I recall telling the producer he should send a few shekels to the author(s).

    I made it a practice to run all future DVD masters through ‘pgc_edit’ to let it ‘fix’ any errors it detected before duplication.



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