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  • DV Capture – Incorrect Duration Reported – File Correct

  • Tod Hopkins

    February 28, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    I’ve been capturing hours of Mini-DV footage using Premiere 2018 via firewire directly to DV Quicktime files. Often, but not always, Premiere reports the resulting duration incorrectly by half. That is, the Premiere clip has half the duration of the actual captured file on disc. When played in the Source viewer, you cannot view the entire length of the file. It ends prematurely.

    The captured file appears fine in Quicktime which loads and plays it correctly. Adobe Media Encoder reports the clip as half its actual length, and if you encode, the resulting file has large skips in the picture, as if Encoder is trying to catch up to fit in the shorter duration, which it fails to do. The resulting video is truncated and wildly out of sync because the audio does not have gaps. Both video and audio run at the correct speed as they run, just not in sync.

    If I run the file through Digital Rebellion’s QT repair, Adobe sees the resulting file correctly, at its correct length.

    Many captured clips do not show this problem. I can’t find any relationship between those that have the problem and those that don’t.

    Because it’s always half the actual length I’m guessing it has something to do with interlaced versus progressive rather than a calculated drift or frame rate problem, though this hasn’t led me to a solution yet.

    Any ideas how to fix either the mistake that Premiere is making in the first place or fix the resulting metadata directly? The downside of the Digital Rebellion repair is that it must make a complete copy of the original file, which is time-consuming, though I respect that choice as safer.

    Tod Hopkins
    Hillmann & Carr Inc.
    Washington, DC

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