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  • Duik Bassel reverse IK without changing the artwork.

  • Joel Harris

    January 26, 2021 at 11:15 am

    Hey CC crew. Ok I’m having some issues with Duik Bassel and rigging a quadruped.

    So I am animating a logo and as part of the animation, I want the goat to jump and leap. See first screenshot of the logo.

    I’ve rigged the goat using Duik Bassel and it’s all going fine, but you’ll notice in the first screenshot that the front legs are slightly “hyper-extended” at the knee joint and are bending beyond 180°. Now, this seems to have posed a problem because the IK’s for the front legs automatically orientate themselves in reverse (the knee joint bends the opposite way). So to fix it I untick the “reverse” button in the relevant controller effect controls… but the trouble is, when I untick that option, it moves the legs around. You might be able to see it in the second screenshot attached.

    Is there any way to stop this happening? I’m pretty new to the rigging game and so I might be doing something wrong but I have scoured the internet and I can’t find anything on this topic. I guess it’s fairly uncommon seeing as not many rigs have hyper-extending limbs like this one does 😄

    Please help!!

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